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The packaging is more than just wrapping goods and putting them in a box. It is the process of filling, sorting, storing, labeling, compiling, and documenting. To get the best rates, “dimensional weight” is advisable.


Repackaging service is required when a product has some new changes. This is mostly done when companies want to have their branding on the product rather than that of the manufacturers.

Pick N Pack is happy to help you with the repackaging need of your product at an unbeatable rate in the market.


Pick N Pack is a leading provider of long-term or short-term contract co-packaging services in Mississauga. We offer reliable packaging services to our clients. We are committed to customer satisfaction and superior services. Our co-packaging services are preferred by numerous prominent names in the market.

Here are some reasons to choose us-

Strict Quality Standards

We always maintain a high quality of our packaging services. We have strict quality standards in place. This helps us in providing the best contract packaging services.


Our services are competitive. So, both small and big companies can avail of our services. Get in touch with us for more info about pricing.

On-Time Service

What makes us a leader is our emphasis on timely delivery. Hence, we always deliver great results in a timely manner.

Experienced Employees

Our employees are trained and experienced in packaging goods. Our employees have handled numerous projects. So, you are in safe hands.

Packaging Solutions for Everyone

Our services are available for small and big businesses. We pride ourselves on providing innovative and customizable packaging solutions for different industries.

Get in touch with us for affordable, innovative, and high-quality contract packaging services. We will be obliged to help you.

Display Packaging

Display Packaging is proven to increase sales by as much as 70%. Pick N Pack offer services of assembly and Consolidation according to the client’s needs from simple high-quality to the complete structural pallet.

We do display Packaging for – Rugs, Carpets, pots, and Planters. Also, for food items such as Snacks.

   Types of Display Packaging

Counter displays –

Counter displays are most frequently used in gift shops, convenience stores, salons, and boutique stores. Their unique position close to the cash register means they can capitalize on a shopper’s impulse before they leave the store.

Shelf display packaging –

Crowded and disorganized does not reflect well on your brand. Shelf display packaging helps keep products in a tidy arrangement and conveys product benefits very well. Retailers love how our displays save them time and effort in shelf restocking. It is an effective vehicle that adds perceived value to your product. Since most purchase decisions are made at the store, the higher visibility of the display will help them make that decision.

Pallet displays –

Pallet displays are the largest cardboard display unit, and its advantages are the amount of product it can carry and that it is viewable from all 4 sides. It captures attention well with contrasting colors. The product positioned above it is within easy reach for shoppers to grab, view, and put in their basket. It showcases the primary packaging and makes it special rather than a commodity.

The growing influence of club stores and Walmart has given rise to more use of the cardboard pallet display unit.

Pick N Pack team creates a structural sound custom floor display to meet all of your branding and product needs for any retail environment in a committed time.

Warehousing & Distribution

Pick & Pack provide short term storage, warehousing solutions for your goods. Our clients can lease the space according to their needs. We are providing the best economical and cost-effective strategies for our clients.

In addition to the focused business of Warehousing, Pick & Pack continues to offer storage and distribution of products outside the realm of food-grade. We offer racked or floor loaded storage for products that supply the retail, wholesale and industrial sectors of the marketplace.

Our general contract storage is fully supported by our warehouse management system and is operated by a staff that is dedicated to the efficient and safe storage and handling of your goods.

Order Picking

Our order picking team makes sure that your order is accurate and is staged properly. We boost the supply chain process and leave no room for mistakes in your orders as we pay special attention to the color, number, size, quality, and quantity of the order.

Order Fulfillment 

Order fulfillment is a big challenge. It involves time-consuming resource-intensive tasks that include taking orders, packaging, and processing payments to delivery companies. Focus your business on promoting, marketing, and selling your products – Let us handle your Order fulfillment part.


Pick N Pack order fulfillment services will help reduce your cost as well as improve operational efficiency. We provide receiving, warehousing, and order Fulfillment service for business-to-business needs.

Pick N Pack specializes in consumer household and cleaning products. We are also experts in trigger spray packaging, club packs, and consumer cleaners.

In bottling service, we provide service from filling, labeling to complete finish product ready for market.

Pick N Pack bottling service is designed to meet speed requirements and flexibility. Maybe one of our lines is right for your packaging needs.

Container De-stuffing services

Outsourcing your shipping container de-stuffing is an efficient way to get containers unloaded in a timely manner while managing cost.

Pick N Pack is a Mississauga based Warehouse Distribution company specializing in the Unloading and Loading of Containers. We offer competitive prices for unloading containers; our de-stuffing service prices cannot be beaten. Find a cheaper price and we would be happy to match it. We handle 20-foot, 40 foot, and 53-foot containers.